Terry Hui

It was a well-deserved win for the Concord Pacific CEO Terry Hui, who accomplished what no other Canadian had been able to previously do. He was happy to return from Italy where he won the Maxi Yachts Rolex Cup!

While Terry Hui won the sea race, not everything went as planned. Despite some unexpected setbacks, he says he learned a lot from the experience and was committed to remaining positive throughout the entire event. His perseverance and positive attitude highlights just how strong his character is. And that strength paid off in the end!

With Hui at the helm he won the Wally Class category at the event aboard his sailboat the Lyra, which he purchased just three months before the event. Proving that with hard work and determination you can learn anything you put your heart into. 

With green technology being a passion of Hui’s, it is not surprising he won the Cup with the greenest boat in the race! He was delighted to demonstrate just how efficient and competitive a ‘green’ boat can be. 

Hui has always been an avid supporter of green technology and extends his personal interests into his company Concord Pacific. As one of Canada’s largest real estate development companies, he is proud of the advancements his company has made with several renewable energy projects and initiatives. Implementing green features that efficiently power all new condominium developments built by them. 

As a front-runner in the industry, Hui felt it was essential that Concord invest in renewable energy and obtain power from sustainable sources. As a result of these initiatives the company has independent projects that use wind, water or solar energy to produce clean energy.

Keeping with green technology and Hui’s passion for the environment, he is excited about the future of Northeast False Creek. Concord Pacific, who owns the False Creek land, opened a 3.5 acre temporary waterfront park, located in downtown Vancouver, for the public to enjoy. Appropriately named Concord Community Park, it boasts substantial lawn space, a man-made sand beach, a basketball court, rink for ball hockey and pathways with creative games painted on them for children to enjoy. While the current park is temporary, the final plan has been developed and approved by the City of Vancouver, community groups and local stakeholders for the new 12 acre permanent park which will offer extraordinary new amenities. 

I’m very happy that we have been able to contribute by means of a temporary park here on False Creek and am excited we have finalized plans for the permanent one.” states Hui. 

Vancouver lacks a “commercial/retail hub” and we are looking forward to creating something that will be an extension of Vancouver’s natural harbor. Thereby, providing venues for entertainment and to support commercial activities while maintaining the integrity and protection of the shoreline. This will lay the foundation for the next generation to continue to appreciate the waterfront.