Terry Hui is the Owner and Helmsmen of Lyra and its Sailing Team

Late summer 2018, Terry Hui acquired Lyra. It was owned by James Murdoch and design by Juan K.   The boat was optimized relentlessly with the keel rebuild three times. Mr. Hui has a history of assembling winning teams through his companies as well as racing a team in the Baja 1000. He recognized that the Lyra had a winning design as well as a winning sailing team. Everything came together serendipitously in short order. A month or so later in 2018, the team was raced and won the Maxi Rolex Cup. The team has had the fortune of winning all its regattas since then.

The Lyra is 24 metres and a high-tech carbon fibre build.  The largest sail approaches 7000 square feet and it helps propel the boat to 24 knots in strong winds. Sailing is innately green to begin with as the boats are wind powered. For thousands of years, humans moved large cargo around the world with wind alone. Staying true to the green nature of the sport, the Lyra has the ability the run winches and services during the race with its onboard bank of lithium-ion batteries. It has the capacity of an average electric car, supporting everything onboard except propel it.  

Hui has always been an avid supporter of green technology and extends his personal interests into his company Concord Pacific. As one of Canada’s largest real estate development companies, he is proud of the advancements his company has made with several renewable energy projects and EV infrastructure.

As a front-runner in the industry, Hui felt it was essential that Concord invest in renewable energy and generate only green power. As a result of these initiatives the company has projects that optimize wind, water or solar energy to produce clean energy.

Terry Hui, through Concord Pacific, is a community supporter and builder. Mr. Hui wants to connect local sailing in Vancouver with the international sailing community in the coming years.  We plan to create sailing programs that support and inspire youth from Vancouver.